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    No-Profit NGO for Digital Cultural Heritage Management

  • 100 buildings- 100 stories

    Share your story

    100 Buildings


    In Ermoupolis, 100 buildings will get a sign with QR code and a few details about the building. The purpose is for visitors to scan it with the cell phone and discover a story...

    100 Stories


    Residents and Friends of Ermoupolis, Legal Bodies, Students, Cultural Organizations: Everyone can narrate, draw or write a story of the past about the city, life, customs, traditions and / or events.

    For Ermoupolis


    With the support of the European Cultural Heritage Days, the Council of Europe and the implementation of Syros Institute, the program aims to strengthen the relationship of the inhabitants with their city and the visibility of the history to Ermoupolis visitors.


    Stories will have your own signature / stamp / logo and will be digitally linked to a building (your choice) to be seen by every resident or visitor of Ermoupolis.


    We will help you make your idea digital!

  • Are you a resident or a friend of Ermoupolis? Legal Body or Cultural Organization? Teacher or Student?

    Join us in writing the Story of Ermoupolis

  • Why Digital Heritage?

    Numbers are talking


    Culture is the fastest growing economy in Europe

    Heritage and Monuments are part of our Culture and attracts million of people

    300.000 working positions

    on Cultural Heritage are currently existing in Europe

    27 new working positions

    are created for every 1 position on Culture

    Cultural Heritage

    is the key point to create more attractive cities in Europe

    Historic Buildings

    are a powerful advantage of Cultural Heritage

  • Scope of HERMeS

    HERMeS aims to document, rescue, manage and disseminate tangible and intangible cultural heritage in all its forms and manifestations, with the help of technology and digital applications.

    Buildings are artifacts

    and Historic Buildings and Monuments as part of this enormous collection. In this way HERMES manages Cultural Heritage and therefore differentiates and specializes in Material and Intangible Cultural Relations.

    For whom?

    HERMES addresses all institutions (Municipalities, Regions, NGOs, Chambers) interested in rescuing their monuments, promoting the cultural value of their site and aiming at engage citizens with a view to sustainable cultural development.

    Who are members of HERMeS?

    HERMeS has been created by a team of creative people who want to help protect and promote the cultural heritage in a pan-European and global dimension. For this purpose, Hermes Friends Association has been set up, consisting of outstanding cultural professionals working on HERMes' actions.

  • Videos

    How HERitage Management e-System works

    in 60 seconds!

    What we applied in Ermoupolis

    an example of HERMeS application

  • Distinctions

    We developed an innovative system for recording, managing and viewing Historic Buildings and Settlements, which was recognized with the highest distinctions inside and outside Europe.

    Europa Nostra Award 2015

    Research & Digitization

    HERMES won Europe’s most prestigious prize in the heritage field, Europa Nostra Award.

    Digital Heritage 2013

    Best Paper Award

    HER.M.e.S. won the "Best Paper" Award when we participated in the 1st International Conference on Digital Heritage (Marseilles, France)

    8th European Quality Conference in Public Administration

    Greece representation

    HER.M.e.S. represents Greece on this Quality Conference organised by European Institute of Public Administration

    The Best in Heritage

    Dubrovnik, Croatia

    HERMeS was invited as a best practice in Digital Culture at the Croatian World Culture Meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2016

    European Heritage Days Stories

    Digital Heritage as a Community Engagement Catalyst

    HERMes is one of the ten (10) projects that received distinction and funding for its continuation through the proposal "100 Buildings / 100 Stories".

  • They wrote about us

    Interviews & Media Coverage

    SKAI News

    Στα "Καλά Νέα της ημέρας" το HERMeS

    Interview in radio station "Athens 9.84"

    Συνέντευξη του developer του HERMeS Παύλου Χατζηγρηγορίου

  • Who are we

    A team of young and creative people

    We are interested in Cultural Heritage

    and ICT

    We are a group of young Designers, Engineers, Developers and Researchers. We care about people and about Heritage

    We grow together

    in every step

    When you decide to join HERMES, we will be together in every action. We always invite partners from our Registry. We promote our creative team to each proposal and we work with it. You and us can join us!

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